New Work: Runway Gingerbread Looks for Vogue

Runway Gingerbread Looks This November Vogue writer Katherine Bernard challenged me to recreate ten of her favorite looks from the 2015 Spring collections as gingerbread cookies. It was a fun project to really sink into; it took a good two days to get all the detailing on the cookies complete. These were definitely the most intricate gingerbread ladies I've ever made!

Some samples below... click over to Vogue to see them all.

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Simone Rocha

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Michael Kors

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Louis Vuitton

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Oscar de la Renta

The Carton: Winter '14

mezze Photographer Christina Holmes and I created these images to accompany Goksu Kuna's essay "A Fish in a Bottle of Raki" from the Winter '14 issue of The Carton, the alt/food/art magazine based in Beirut. We drew our inspiration from the Islamic art surrounding the story's setting on the beaches of Turkey and used traditional mezze to build the pattern. We also wanted to capture the moment when Raki changes opacity as it cools in a glass filled with ice for the story's opener.

The Carton