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Happy 80th Birthday, Jacques Pepin

Jacques Pepin's 80th Birthday Cake. Created for Martha Stewart. Martha asked me to recreate the cover of Jacques Pepin's groundbreaking cookbook La Technique in cake form to celebrate his 80th birthday. Under the fishy exterior is a devils food cake with a rich ganache filling.

It's Jacques pepin's birthday and we baked him a cake emulating the cover of his breakthrough book La Technique!

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Gingerbread Abbey for Martha Stewart

Gingerbread Abbey for Martha Stewart In celebration of the return of Downton Abbey this January, Martha Stewart asked me to recreate Highclere Castle, the real-life setting of the show, in gingerbread. I worked with design director Anduin Havens and Sam Seneviratne to turn 66 pounds of flour, 11 cups of molasses, and copious amounts of sugar into the walls and windows of the façade.

You can watch a video of the process on the Martha Stewart Living site, or read about it here and here.