jenna gang

Deconstructed Desserts with Jenna Gang (Part Three: Whipped and Sugared)

The final trio of images that photographer Jenna Gang and I created for our collaboration exploring the visual similarities between cosmetics advertising and food styling embraces the cluster or haphazard grouping. Showcasing sugars and whipped confections, we play off techniques used to highlight texture, particularly for foams and aerated beauty products. See parts one and two for more.

Deconstructed Desserts with Jenna Gang (Part One: Chocolate)

I partnered with photographer Jenna Gang to create a suite of images playing off the photographic vernacular associated with cosmetics advertising. This personal project was a perfect opportunity to experiment creatively by stripping away the constraints of a traditional shoot, allowing me to play the role of food stylist, as well as co-art director, and to learn new techniques from the world of beauty styling.

This first group embraces the idea of an exploding palette of warm chocolate tones, arranged in a grid typically used to showcase powder-based cosmetics.