Spotlight: "Gingerbread" Houses, Part Three

Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch because it's true there's no gingerbread here. I was commissioned by Hershey's to design and build this mansion entirely out of KitKats for a Facebook Live event. This is by far the largest "gingerbread" house I've constructed. It was so large, in fact, that I had to build it in four sections that could be pulled apart and reassembled on site just so it would fit through the doors! Although it was cold outside, keeping the chocolate from melting in my overheated Brooklyn apartment was a challenge. This project took me five very long days and used hundreds of KitKat bars, and it goes to show that the line between being a food stylist and an architect is not as bold as you might think.

The largest "gingerbread" house I've made so far.

The largest "gingerbread" house I've made so far.

Throwback Thursday: SELF Magazine Healthy Food Awards


Each year, SELF Magazine showcases a selection of prepared foods or grocery store items that they deem healthier options compared to (heavily processed) alternatives. This year, they shook things up by commissioning a series of lifestyle shots rather than just showing the products in a lightbox. Christina Holmes, Pamela Duncan Silver and I created these images for them.






And, of course, some outtakes: