New Work: Delish Cookbook

Food styling at Delish is always fun because the team there strives to create work that is playful, unexpected, and (in the words of site-director Jo Saltz) “just a step below disgusting”. I was once told to make a photo look like a raccoon had gotten onto the set. In addition to my regular duties as a food stylist, I’ve donned a gorilla glove, a Santa suit, and made cheeseballs the size of some house cats in their kitchens.

Above all, the team at Delish produces. They create more content on a daily basis than any other group I’ve worked with, and there is no question that they have quickly become one of the most successful digital lifestyle brands. Recently, Delish broke away from the internet to publish their first hard-bound cookbook, and I was happy to help! Some of my favorite images from the book are below.

Deconstructed Desserts with Jenna Gang (Part One: Chocolate)

I partnered with photographer Jenna Gang to create a suite of images playing off the photographic vernacular associated with cosmetics advertising. This personal project was a perfect opportunity to experiment creatively by stripping away the constraints of a traditional shoot, allowing me to play the role of food stylist, as well as co-art director, and to learn new techniques from the world of beauty styling.

This first group embraces the idea of an exploding palette of warm chocolate tones, arranged in a grid typically used to showcase powder-based cosmetics.