No Faking It

When people find out I'm a food stylist, the first question they always ask me is about how I fake it. They want to know all about the secret tricks I use to make everything "just so", and I think they're a little disappointed when they find out that there really aren't any. Sure, I carry fake rubber ice in my kit (not only does it float; it bounces!), but aside from that the food I prepare for photo and video shoots is not very different from the food I make at home, and at the end of the day pretty much all of it gets eaten.

 Ok, the ice is fake.

Ok, the ice is fake.

The Carton: Winter '14

mezze Photographer Christina Holmes and I created these images to accompany Goksu Kuna's essay "A Fish in a Bottle of Raki" from the Winter '14 issue of The Carton, the alt/food/art magazine based in Beirut. We drew our inspiration from the Islamic art surrounding the story's setting on the beaches of Turkey and used traditional mezze to build the pattern. We also wanted to capture the moment when Raki changes opacity as it cools in a glass filled with ice for the story's opener.

The Carton