New Work: 1960s Holiday Excess for Financial Times Magazine

The best part of being a food stylist is having the opportunity to play, and this shoot for Financial Times Magazine was just that. Photographer David Brandon Geeting, prop stylist Amy Wilson, and I created a suite of images to pair with Tim Hayward’s memories of his childhood Christmas celebrations. It was a great way to kick off the holiday season!

Real Simple Halloween

Coming up with creative ways to make food exciting and fun for the holidays is a big part of being a food stylist — and for me, getting ready for halloween is one of my favorite projects! With fall just around the corner, here's a look back at some videos and recipes that I created for Real Simple last year.

Sugar Cookie Voodoo Dolls (Real Simple)

Spiderweb Cookies (Real Simple)

Mummy Pie (Real Simple)

Spotlight: "Gingerbread" Houses, Part Three

Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch because it's true there's no gingerbread here. I was commissioned by Hershey's to design and build this mansion entirely out of KitKats for a Facebook Live event. This is by far the largest "gingerbread" house I've constructed. It was so large, in fact, that I had to build it in four sections that could be pulled apart and reassembled on site just so it would fit through the doors! Although it was cold outside, keeping the chocolate from melting in my overheated Brooklyn apartment was a challenge. This project took me five very long days and used hundreds of KitKat bars, and it goes to show that the line between being a food stylist and an architect is not as bold as you might think.

 The largest "gingerbread" house I've made so far.

The largest "gingerbread" house I've made so far.

Spotlight: Gingerbread Houses, Part Two

Another day, another gingerbread house! Lord Abbett, an investment firm located just outside New York City, was looking for a food stylist to create a gingerbread replica of their office building to both be featured in their holiday greeting video and live in the lobby of the building for the holiday season. There were two major challenges for this project. First, the building has a huge amount of glass on the facade, which required some structural engineering. I also had to figure out a way to bake all the pieces in my tiny Brooklyn oven and piece it together like a puzzle. 

 The completed gingerbread house in my tiny Brooklyn kitchen.

The completed gingerbread house in my tiny Brooklyn kitchen.

Spotlight: Gingerbread Houses, Part One

If someone had told me when I was a kid that one day I would get to make gingerbread houses for a living, I never would have believed I'd be so lucky. In my years as a food stylist I've made more gingerbread houses than I can count in every shape and size. This one, a replica of Downton Abbey (we called it "Gingerbread Abbey"), was one of the first large-scale houses I worked on. It was designed for Martha Stewart in conjunction with PBS, and it turned out great!

Gingerbread Abbey Final.png

New Work: Hudsonville Ice Cream Packaging

Last summer I had the great pleasure of spending some of New York City's hottest weeks in the cool (ok, downright cold) walls of Michigan's Hudsonville Ice Cream factory in the suburbs of Grand Rapids. Photographer Hadley Henry and I teamed up with local branding agency Rocket Science to shoot the images that would completely redesign the brand's look and feel by elevating it's packaging to compete with artisanal grocery store brands. The whole experience was a food stylist's dream come true  — a wonderful, trusting team which afforded us the freedom to make creative decisions as needed, not to mention the unlimited ice cream and dry ice! 

 Inside the Hudsonville Ice Cream Deep Freezer

Inside the Hudsonville Ice Cream Deep Freezer