Spotlight: Writing and Calligraphy

One of my favorite tasks as a food stylist is when I get to write with food. I've been lucky to have had lots of opportunities to work on my calligraphy skills over the years. Here are some of my favorite pieces so far.

Staging a Dinner Party for Stella Artois

I was asked by Stella Artois to create the food for a series of advertisements in which groups of friends were enjoying meals together. The shoot consisted of both still photos and video sequences, which was a recipe for long hours and multiple takes. The client was looking for food that felt elevated and elegant, and the talent had to interact with it in a way that felt natural. As a food stylist it is always challenging to create an environment that feels like the best version of real life, especially when the camera is constantly moving and the actors are (appearing to be) eating it... sometimes for 4 or 5 hours at a time! I'm quite pleased with how these images came out!

New(ish) Work: Smak's Fantastyczny Mister Soup

Fantastyczny Monsieur Boullion Winter's finally on the wing, but there's still enough of a chill in the air to spend an afternoon cooking up a pot of soup, especially if you happen to be in Poland. I developed these two broth recipes for Magazyn Smak with the idea that they would store well in the freezer and can be dressed up with whatever ingredients you happen to have available when the craving hits. Hit me up if your Polish is a little rusty and you need a translation. Photographs by Christina Holmes and props by Alistair Turnbull

Fantastyczny Monsieur Boullion

Fantastyczny Monsieur Boullion

Fantastyczny Monsieur Boullion


New Work: Fix Your Thanksgiving Fails - Videos for Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit Thanksgiving Video Series I teamed up with Mouthfeel Productions to create a series of Thanksgiving web videos for Bon Appetit featuring food editor Dawn Perry. Each video provides a simple trick to prevent the most common mishaps of the biggest meal of the year. Watch them after the jump, and stay tuned for more tips as the holidays approach!

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Throwback Thursday: SELF Magazine Healthy Food Awards


Each year, SELF Magazine showcases a selection of prepared foods or grocery store items that they deem healthier options compared to (heavily processed) alternatives. This year, they shook things up by commissioning a series of lifestyle shots rather than just showing the products in a lightbox. Christina Holmes, Pamela Duncan Silver and I created these images for them.






And, of course, some outtakes: